The exit, "LEt's go to haiti"  starring 'Mikal'  -   shot in dumbo brooklyn


wax poetic (feat) norah jones 'angels'- STARRING - 'KALIHAWK' - shot in the lower east side of nyc at thompkins squarE

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SPEC SPOT FOR THE EPA - copy by john campanelli and me  -  shot in martinez, ca - shell refinery



asobi seksu - video for 'transparence' produced by michelle moretta and me - shot in upstate ny

straylight run - video for 'Existentialism on prom night" - shot on a subway going back and forth from nyc to new jersey

Special mention to robert stoetzel for 2nd unit direction



'cars going in and out of a tunnel'  -  a video installation -  shot at the broadway tunnel in san francisco - 15 minutes

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